Motion, Personal project
One of the things that I find more difficult is to make personal projects. It’s very challenging to find the time, motivation and confidence to start this kind of projects, and sometimes finishing them is a utopia.
This video is about the doubts and thoughts that I always have when I start a personal project, and this time I have tried to talk about something I love and I find very important for growing up as a designer, tastes.​​​​​​​
It’s a simple, short and very personal video, and I enjoyed all the steps of the way.
I want to thank Jon Agirrezabalaga for the sound design, as good as usual. To Miguel Abio (aka Valistika) for helping me with the painting of the statues, everything he touches turns to gold. And to Ricard Serra-Pujol for the voice-over. It's always easier with good people around. Thanks!

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